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20 Nov

Selling online is more than opening a store or setting up auctions. It takes work to draw sellers to your items. Bottom of this page has some links for great for free promotion of your online stores or auctions.

Whatever selling venue you choose to use it is extremely important to your success to market your items. After checking out several auction venues I have decided to use Shoprietystores . Liz (the owner) spends a lot of time promoting her members stores and auctions. Liz is always ready to help with any questions, concerns or suggestion from her members. Liz and I also promote other Shoprietystores members auctions and stores.
Some sellers still think it is totally up to the auction site to promote their products on the site, it is to an extent, but the seller must also take responsibilty as the more they advertise their own products the more buyers they will get.
How do I promote stores and auctions? I use blogs, my own site, social networks, surfing sites, etc. They are so many ways to promote free on the web. As stated above you will find links to several free advertising sites below.

How do I choose Shoprietystores sites that I promote?

1) Stores with Longer listing times: short term listings are hard to promote.
2) Stores that have pictures: Listings without pictures are less interesting to a buyer and display poorly in ads.
3) Stores with descriptions short and to the point: Very wordy descriptions tend to lose buyers interest.
4) Shipping should always be stated in listings. Personaly when I see buyer pays shipping but no amount listed I just move on to another store.
5) Keep the use of capitals to a minimum in titles and descriptions in listings. Search engines do not like capitals.
6) Visit the forum/community of your auction venue. See what others are posting and post in them helps keep your name visible.

I was a long time seller of a selling venue with a 100 percent positive feedback until all the fees made it impossible for me to list my small profit items on that site. It finally came to the point that it would cost me to sell on that site. So I started checking out other venues. I decide on the growing site Shoprietystores . I am into promoting Shoprietystores and its members, but as I stated above whatever venue is your choice do yourself and your site choice a favor and spend just a few minutes a few times a week to promote your items and your venue. Shoprietystores the place to shop or sell.

Places to have your own store.

shoprietystores reallysmartdeals

Free to show off your items here.


This is my Shoprietystore store just building and will have soy candles, gel candles, gift baskets, hand crocheted items.